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 Application - Zeroallies

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The Noob

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PostSubject: Application - Zeroallies   Application - Zeroallies EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 12:02 pm

Name: Nick
Teamspeak Name: Zero / Zeroallies
Gamer Names: Zeroallies, Morganthisis, Zero
Age: 18
Games Owned: Own a lot of games, but currently playing Minecraft and a bit of Starcraft 2 on the side Smile
Avg Hours Per Week Gaming: 3 a day, more on weekends, I'd give it about 24 +, will drop in the coming months as I am approaching final exams, but it will not go without notification to the required admin / moderator
School Level: Highschool, nearly Undergraduate of University
Major/Minor (if in college): Will be studying Industrial Design
Occupation: Student
Computer Tech Level: Good with the very basics, the instant it touches coding I'm lost.
Networking Tech Level: 0
Photoshopping/Video Editing Level: Can do both reasonably well. I am familiar with PS CS5, have used the suites ever since I was about 9. Use Finalcut Pro for video editing if I happen to do it.
Able To Donate (Not A Must): Nope, sorry =\ students funds..
Able To Respect Others: Naturally, though the respect must be mutual, I won't respect those who are rude and indecent.
Will Report Any User Abuse (Including Admins): Yes. I was previously on a sever that had a corrupt mod who was stealing from the players, left it yesterday.

Thanks for your time in reading over my application, hope to see you soon,

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The Prime Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Zeroallies   Application - Zeroallies EmptyThu Mar 10, 2011 1:53 pm

You have been accepted. I'll PM you the teamspeak info on our newforums. Visit and register there.

Thats our new place Very Happy.

Application - Zeroallies Nettogrof_banner_transp2
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Application - Zeroallies
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