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 Umm Awesome Minecraft server....!

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The Noob

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PostSubject: Umm Awesome Minecraft server....!   Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:16 pm

Hi my user-name on Minecraft is Mineslayer926 and I have just joined this Minecraft server available on Atticus Gaming. I played for about 6 hours on the first day I was accepted and I just couldn't put the game down, literally. There was so many things to do on the first day like, find a home to live in, gather materials to build awesome homes and structures, and the admins are always willing to help you out in finding rare items such as diamond and iron anything else I could possibly need. To start off, the admins were kind enough to equip me with materials from the start (diamond) which was extremely helpful in getting started. So far I have built an obsidian base for a house, made the casing around the house with bricks and am proceeding to make the glass windows which will go around the inside of the house for view. The house will be made into a market in which i gather materials and sell them for profit. It may have taken me a while but with all the help i've gotten it sure has been worth it. Just more of a reason to join the server! It's a free will server with lots of helpful people. I highly recommend it.
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The Noob

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PostSubject: Re: Umm Awesome Minecraft server....!   Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:53 pm

Were you in any way under influence of any of these drugs:
atropine (alkaloid found in plants of the Solanaceae family, including datura, deadly nightshade, henbane and mandrake)
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diphenhydramine (Benadryl, Unisom, Nytol)
hyoscyamine (alkaloid also found in the Solanaceae)
scopolamine (another Solanaceae alkaloid)
myristicin (found in Myristica fragrans ("Nutmeg"))
ibotenic acid (found in Amanita muscaria ("Fly Agaric"); prodrug to muscimol)
muscimol (also found in Amanita muscaria, a GABAergic)
dextromethorphan (DXM; Robitussin, Delsym, etc.; "Dex", "Robo", "Cough Syrup", "DXM")
"Triple C's, Coricidin, Skittles" refer to a potentially fatal formulation containing both dextromethorphan and chlorpheniramine.
ketamine (K; Ketalar, Ketaset, Ketanest; "Ket", "Kit Kat", "Special-K", "Vitamin K", "Jet Fuel", "Horse Tranquilizer")
phencyclidine (PCP; Sernyl; "Angel Dust", "Rocket Fuel", "Sherm", "Killer Weed", "Super Grass")
nitrous oxide (N2O; "Nozz", "Laughing Gas", "Whippets")

Or were you paid by Nettogrof.

Or are you a highly trained ninja sent here by the Chinese government to suck out brain juices and reproduce with our saliva?

flower flower
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Umm Awesome Minecraft server....!
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