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 Directions On How To Apply

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PostSubject: Directions On How To Apply   Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:39 pm

Just fill in, copy, and paste the area inbetween the "---------" into a new topic labeled "usernamehere application".


1.) Griefing is not permitted unless the user permitted through typed words that the griefer was allowed to grief their property.
2.) PVP is only permitted as long as both PVPer's agree to this action through typed consent. PvP however, is always flagged on the world labeled PvP.
3.) Stealing from anyone (stores are considered people) will result in insta ban.
4.) Admins will only be allowed to spawn tools, nothing else. So if you die by a freak accident, only tools are allowed to be respawned.
Respawned items for a user can only take place once every two days.
5.) To become a mod or admin, you must come into teamspeak and talk with all of us, and also join The Atticus Gaming community. Go to the forums link above and go to applications category and click the Atticus Application forum.
6.) No external mods may be used unless you're at a dedicated level, or have permission from an Admin/Arbiter.

Teamspeak Name:
Minecraft Name:
Agree the the terms/rules?
Will Respect Others?
Will Listen To Arbiters/Admins?

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Directions On How To Apply
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